A functional, well-designed evaporative cooler advanced in the technologies that go into designing and manufacturing it is well-primed for regions that have hot, dry climates. But there are also coolers being made for more moderate climates as well. Mainly because not too much is known by consumers on what exactly an evaporative cooler is, resourceful websites and e-books are available online for them to at least empower themselves with a rudimentary overview.

More commercial-oriented websites are providing readers with critical reviews of what could potentially be the best evaporative cooler for their home or business.

Technical guides and comparative reviews are strongly influenced by many hours of ongoing research on each newly designed and marketed evaporative cooler. It helps the research that these coolers are practically tested so that analyses are at least accurate an honest. Also, interviews with industry leaders are being published for the further information of the reader. Advice is also given on products’ maintenance requirements.

Review and product listings are broken down into user-friendly categories such as cooling performance, sizes, prices, looks and user practicalities.

best evaporative cooler

Part of the comparative review process entails having to provide readers with comparisons on evaporative coolers with misting fans and air conditioners. This does not necessarily entail that there is going to be an ongoing persuasive argument in favor of coolers, but it has been argued time and time again that these days, air coolers are a lot more sustainable than electrically-generated air conditioners.  

Also, for the purposes of promoting sustainability, background stories or back stories on environmental degradation and abnormally high temperatures and its annual increases that therefore leave readers with subtle hints that there is a motivational drive towards utilizing evaporative coolers.